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The Cover Story Behind “Bedside – A Memoir of Care”

bedside coverWhen I wrote “I am my father’s son” in honor of Sam, I had the privilege of contributing an image to the cover that was in part designed by my friend, Jonathan Grauel of Blue Studio.  The cover came from a painting of my father’s piano recital when he was 18.  It was dark and in bad need of repair.  Jonathan wanted the opportunity to reinterpret it, and so his color and art were added to this great portrait of my dad.  The painting hangs on the wall above me as I write this, and it forever adorns that book.

As I began to think of a design for “Bedside – A Memoir of Care” in honor of my mother, my first choice for a design was Jonathan.  But here, I didn’t have another painting for the start.  I had plenty of photos, but none of them fit the bill.

But as the theme of the book came together, the image of my mother’s glasses on a bedside table came to mind.  She spent so much of her life caring for me and Sam and everyone else.  We lay in bed, and she sat beside us.  Jonny (as I call him) designed the perfect piece of art to accompany the feeble attempt on my part to capture Mom.

So, I present to you the stirring cover of “Bedside” that will be released in all formats on Tuesday, September 17th.  If you just can’t wait, you can purchase a pdf of the book now here.  But otherwise, paperback, kindle, and nook release next week.

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A Dozen Do-Nots: Making Your Wife Happy

Dozen-DoNotsA Dozen Do-Nots is part of an on-going series.  You will also find posts about the Dozen from Mike Askew at http://bit.ly/4nnOim.  The idea is to present 12 simple things to avoid in the most practical of areas.

Since the Dozen Do-Nots of Marriage Communication was so popular, I submit another in that line of thinking, but this one is geared toward the men.  I hope you enjoy.

A Dozen Do-Nots:  Making Your Wife Happy

  1. Do not pass a sink full of dishes.
  2. Do not miss an opportunity to pray with your wife.
  3. Do not go to bed angry
  4. Do not complain about your wife to others.
  5. Do not compare your wife to your ex.
  6. Do not pass up a chance to walk with your spouse.
  7. Do not lose your patience when your wife changes her mind.
  8. Do not compare your job to hers (whether she works outside or inside the home).
  9. Do not think that the evenings are your time to relax and her time to work.
  10. Do not think that your experiences negate her opinion.
  11. Do not assume everything that your wife does for you is your right.
  12. Do not forget to open the door for her.

Marriage Communication – http://bit.ly/IERbQ

Being Civil to Others – http://bit.ly/4nnOim

Mountain Biking – http://bit.ly/vdZ6

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Project Runway: Pursuing Authentic Design

As promised, here is the news about Sovereign King Church’s Women’s Ministry.  Enjoy.


You could fill a library with the volumes of books written about how you can become the best you possible.  Sheer numbers alone prove these books ineffectiveness.  Additionally, it would appear that understanding what it means to be a woman is even more difficult.  Discerning who we are and who we can be often feels just out of reach.

What would be helpful is a setting where women could gather, ask questions, express fears, and find encouragement.  Then the process would be much easier.  An authentic design could be discovered and created simultaneously.

Welcome to Project Runway:  Pursuing Authentic Design.

A function of Sovereign King Church’s women’s ministry, Project Runway intends to create an atmosphere where women feel at home no matter their background, education, marital status, or place in life.  In order to do that, ladies will gather in each other’s homes twice a month for conversation, food, and topical conversation.  The goal is to create a community that will be centered on the Gospel.  This Gospel oriented community will lead with grace knowing that grace leads to transformation.

No small amount of time was put into deciding what these gatherings would look like.  The ongoing question has been, “What can women discuss in order to pursue authentic design?”  Meaning, what would help guide women into a discussion of what they were meant to be and what they can be?  After a good bit of investigation, we decided that studying the designer would be the best idea.

Beginning September 9th, the Project Runway Ladies will begin a person of Jesus study based upon His interactions with others found in the Gospels.  These will be observational and conversational requiring no prep work beforehand.  Each is its own self-enclosed portrait of Jesus, so if someone misses a gathering, they can pick right back up when they return.

Most importantly, in this relaxed environment, women can discover the character of their designer, mutually encourage each other to live out that design, and then begin designing their own unique patterns for which their lives can truly be found beautiful.

If you would like more information about Sovereign King’s Project Runway, please contact Amy Duncan at amyhduncan@yahoo.com.

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