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Introduction for The Gospel Protects Us

In the past six months, I have lost both of my wonderful parents.  My Father (affectionately known as Sam) passed after a lengthy stay in the hospital where his lungs just finally quit working.  My mother passed suddenly as a result of a horrendous car crash.  I loved them both dearly, and perhaps no child has ever been loved as well I was by them.

Soon after my Father’s passing, I began editing this little book about persevering trials from the Epistle of James.  Much of what you will read was gathered in from my sermon notes from my James series that I preached at Sovereign King Church.  So re-reading and understanding these teachings have been a comfort for my soul.  However, the initial push for the book faded within two months of my Father’s funeral.

But recently, I walked through a season of trials like none that I have ever experienced.  Following my Mother’s sudden and shocking car wreck, my car broke down with a flat tire.  I got poison ivy so badly it was on my eyelids.  My children were soon suffering from fevers of over 103 coupled with nausea and vomiting.  And oh yeah, around that time I announced that I was resigning from Sovereign King to move to Spotsylvania, VA to plant a new church.

Trials?  I knew them well.  Enduring them well?  That was yet to be determined.

So I returned to this little document trying to see if I knew anything about suffering when I originally wrote it.  I couldn’t have imagined when preaching that series that I would have to experience such trials, but as I reread these words, I could see that at least God had prepared me well.

But please know that this is not a book purely about trials.  James lays out three things for us at the end of Chapter One.  First, he wants us to thank God when we do endure suffering because we know that His loving, sovereign hand is behind each one.  Secondly, he wants us to then live out Godliness in our relationships (these usually suffer during hard times).  And finally, he wants us to trust God, believe that He is true, and then live out wisdom as we suffer and love one another.

I hope these words are helpful.  Writing them innocently and reading them after much suffering experience has been good for me.

I pray the same for you.

October 2012

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The Gospel Protects Us Available on Tuesday October 2nd

I’m excited to announce that the second in “The Gospel…” series, “The Gospel Protects Us” will be available at Amazon, Nook, Smashwords, and Lulu tomorrow, Tuesday October 2nd.  And the best news is that it will only be $.99.

Throughout the week, I will be posting clips and chapters from the book, but for now, let me explain the cover choice.  The following is from the intro of the book.  I hope you enjoy it.

I don’t know if the cover of this little book makes sense at first glance, and the fact that I’m explaining it may very well mean that it doesn’t.  But this picture gives me great joy and explains a great deal about this book.

Inside, you’ll find my musings on the Book of James’ teachings about taking joy in trials, navigating relationships, and seeking the wisdom to handle them both.  In there, I hope to emphasize that the Gospel of Jesus protects us through those things.

The cover image picture comes from an Egg Hunt our church put together for the Garner Police Department.  Pictured are all three of my girls.  You see Meredith in the middle looking out for Landry on the left.  Landry is looking out for our youngest, Emma.  They were protecting each other, and the image reminds me of how God does just that for us.

I hope you enjoy the image and the words that follow it.


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