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SK Kids Program Expands with Sunday School on August 15th

With the additional room that our new space affords, Sovereign King Church is planning on expanding our SK Kids ministry.  This will include enlarging the reach of existing ministries while also implementing some new ones.

Our longest and most consistent SK Kids program has been our Children’s Church ministry.  Just before the sermon begins in our service, any parents who wish, can send their children ages 3-6 (up to Kindergarten) to have a specific, age appropriate teaching time.  A new feature that we have added recently is that the children are interacting with the same material that their parents are studying during the sermon.  The children are even sent home with material that will help parents have family devotions if they want.  That way, parents and children can discuss the sermon’s message together.

Our SK Kids nursery has grown and improved.  We now have a much larger room to take care of our little ones.  In addition, our schedule is packed with nursery workers going out for the next 3 months.  You’ll always have someone manning the nursery if you want to place your kids in there.  We even have a system for bringing in more workers in case the number of children in nursery gets too big.  We have taken every measure to make sure the check in and check out process is both quick and safe.  When you check your child in, they will be given a number, and you will receive a corresponding numbered bracelet.  That way, we can insure that your child is checked in and checked out by you safely.  We want to make sure that you feel absolutely comfortable putting your children in our hands while you worship.

The largest expansion of the SK Kids ministry is the launch of our Sunday School program on August 15th.  We will be offering 3 tracks this quarter and hope to expand to 4 or 5 the next.  This quarter, our kids will learn about worshiping God and obeying God through readings, activities, and play.  Right now, the SK Kids teachers are studying, preparing, and getting all the details ready so that our kids will have an absolute blast while learning about Jesus.  Of note, SK will also offer an adult Sunday School time that will give folks an overview of the OT books.  To no one’s surprise, we all need to be reminded of the great acts of God and His people in the Bible.  This too will be a fun, interactive experience.  Sunday School launches on August 15th at 9:30am.

Finally, SK is once again offering custom made, age appropriate Children’s Bulletins for grades 1-3 and 4-5.  These are bulletins with activities that enable the children who are in worship during the sermon to better understand what is being taught.  I even know a few parents who like to snag a Children’s Bulletin and work on it themselves at home.  These really are remarkable helps for your children that are designed by one of our SK Kids workers who has a degree in Education.  She meets with the Pastor, takes in where the sermon is going to go each week, and then designs activities that help children understand these things at their age level.  Several families are using these for home devotions as well.

Every activity that we do is going to focus on the same mission as the larger SK church.  We want to create a community for our kids so that they will learn to engage and serve the larger community in which they live.  In the big picture, all SK wants to do is help teach our kids and empower parents to teach as well.  We want the SK Kids program to be something that is helpful to our folks and even to parents outside the SK family.  Everyone can use a little help in raising their children.   Hopefully, by the end of August, we will also be announcing and launching activities for our SK Youth.

If you have any questions, you can contact our SK Kids Coordinator, Melanie Askew at melanie.askew@mindablaze.com or SK’s pastor, Gordon Duncan at jgordonduncan@yahoo.com.  You can also call the church office at 919-661-9466.  Directions to our facility can be found here.

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