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A Dozen Do-Nots: Going on a First Date

Dozen-DoNotsIt has been years since I’ve been on a first date (though every date with Amy has that same excitement).  However, I definitively remember the awkwardness of going out with someone for the first time.  So, with that in mind, I present A Dozen Do-Nots:  Going on a First Date.  Most of these are applicable for older/younger or male/female, but there are a few targeted at the men.  Feel free to contribute.  Enjoy.

A Dozen Do-Nots:  Going on a First Date

  1. Do not wear so much cologne/perfume that your date has to stand in a puddle.
  2. Do not talk about ex-girlfriends or boyfriends.
  3. Do not go to either the most expensive or the cheapest restaurant in town.
  4. Do not embellish your career…tell you what, don’t embellish anything.
  5. Do not order anything you have to eat with your fingers.
  6. Do not forget to use mouthwash (bad breath is a killer).
  7. Do not kiss your date goodbye in front of her parents (just skip out on the kissing if the date is young enough to have to be picked up at her parents for good measure).
  8. Do not wait until your date is getting in the car to clean it.
  9. Do not touch anything but your date’s hands (if that).
  10. Do not go to a movie unless you have had plenty of time to talk before or after.
  11. Do not get your date home late (by either the parents’ or your date’s standards).
  12. Do not show up late or early.

A Dozen Do-Nots is part of an on-going series.  You will also find posts about the Dozen from Mike Askew at http://bit.ly/4nnOim.  The idea is to present 12 simple things to avoid in the most practical of areas.

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