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Leftovers For Breakfast – Another Helping of Sovereign King Love Feast Photos

One last serving of photos from the Sovereign King Love Feast.

SK, EMS, GPD, & Friends

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Sneak Peak at the Sovereign King Love Feast Photos

More photos coming tomorrow…

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Coming Attractions

Well Gang, with the holidays fast approaching, here are a few things to look forward to in the next week. I know folks are out and about, so once Christmas arrives, I’ll probably take a few days off. Here are some things for which to be on the lookout.

Sermon Notes about celebrating and contemplating.

Massive post with pics from the SK Love Feast.

Book Review for Mark Batterson’s “Primal”

Book Review for “The Justice Project”

Book Review for “Through the River” by Jon and Mindy Hirst

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Love Feast

Historically, a Love Feast is a meal shared by Christians as a symbol of thankfulness and love both to Jesus and to those partaking in the meal. Its origins go all the way back to the 1st Century and it was revived by the Moravian Church as recently as the 1800’s. Essentially, it is a celebratory meal where the church invites in friends and families to thank God for His goodness and grace.

This year, Sovereign King is hosting a Love Feast in place of a standard Christmas party, and I think it is going to be incredible.

A few weeks ago, some folks at SK asked me if we could coordinate a Love Feast for our Christmas celebration and open the meal to our friends and the various communities that we serve: EMS, GPD, women’s shelter. I loved the idea and our folks’ initiative. Christmas parties can be a blast but self-congratulatory Christmas parties are a contradiction in terms. When our folks said they wanted to celebrate by serving, I was all for it.

Coordinating with the EMS, all of the children in the women’s shelter will be receiving Christmas gifts. The mothers will also be receiving gifts and will be enabled to buy a few things for their children as well. An Edible Kingdom (that’s an amped up Gingerbread House I’m told) is being created with the goal of being devoured by the kids, and there might even be some singing.

This is one of the events at SK in which I can take zero credit. It was conceived by our folks, planned by our folks, and implemented by our folks. For that, I love them dearly as they so want to share their love of Christ with each other and the community.

If anyone in the area is interested in attending, email me at jgordonduncan@yahoo.com and we’ll get details to you. I think this Saturday is going to be an incredible evening.

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