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Grace to the Humble – SK Service Preview for 080810

When God answers Hannah’s prayer and gifts her with a child after years of barreness, there is much more going on than the mere asking for and answering of prayer.  As Dale Davis says in his wonderful commentary on 1 Samuel,

“This is no piddly affair – this is a manifestation of the way God rules and will bring his kingdom.  Hannah’s relief is a sample of the way God works and of the way he will work when he brings his kingdom in its fullness.   The saving help God gave Hannah is a foretaste, a scale-model demonstration of how God will do it when he does it in grand style…every time God lifts you out of the miry bog and sets your feet upon a rock is a sample of the coming of the kingdom of God, a down payment of the full deliverance, the macro-salvation, that will be yours at last.”

The story of Hannah and the subsequent giving away for her son Samuel is a beautiful picture of what God does for all those who have faith in Jesus.  He rescues us.  This week, at SK, we are going to continue looking at the song that Hannah sings as she present her son Samuel to the ministry.  We are going to see a wonderfully in-control God pouring our blessings on the humble and opposing the proud, and in it, I hope we can all find ourselves as the humble beautiful a wonderfully, gracious God.

If you would like to worship with us at SK, we meet each Sunday at 10:30am, and you can find directions to our space here.

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A Dozen Do-Nots: Humility

i'm-humbleHumility is not something easily attained.  It is also something that no one can ever claim about themselves.  Saying that you are humble makes you proud.  So in an effort to guide us all towards greater humility, a quality long lost in our day and age, I offer a Dozen Do-Nots on being a humble person.

A Dozen Do-Nots:  Humility

  1. Do not take offense if your idea is passed over for someone else’s.
  2. Do not continually refer to your experiences.
  3. Do not think more of yourself than you do of others.
  4. Do not treat others in a way you would not want to be treated.
  5. Do not seek a position of prominence.
  6. Do not determine your identity by what others think of you.
  7. Do not dominate conversations with your stories or opinions.
  8. Do not place your desires before the desires of others.
  9. Do not take offense if people less talented than you succeed.
  10. Do not point out a fault joyously.
  11. Do not begrudge those in need of mercy.
  12. Do not return insult with insult.

A Dozen Do-Nots is part of an on-going series.  You will also find posts about the Dozen from Mike Askew at http://bit.ly/4nnOim.  The idea is to present 12 simple things to avoid in the most practical of areas.

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This article also appears at the Raleigh Examiner.

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