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The Cover Story Behind “Bedside – A Memoir of Care”

bedside coverWhen I wrote “I am my father’s son” in honor of Sam, I had the privilege of contributing an image to the cover that was in part designed by my friend, Jonathan Grauel of Blue Studio.  The cover came from a painting of my father’s piano recital when he was 18.  It was dark and in bad need of repair.  Jonathan wanted the opportunity to reinterpret it, and so his color and art were added to this great portrait of my dad.  The painting hangs on the wall above me as I write this, and it forever adorns that book.

As I began to think of a design for “Bedside – A Memoir of Care” in honor of my mother, my first choice for a design was Jonathan.  But here, I didn’t have another painting for the start.  I had plenty of photos, but none of them fit the bill.

But as the theme of the book came together, the image of my mother’s glasses on a bedside table came to mind.  She spent so much of her life caring for me and Sam and everyone else.  We lay in bed, and she sat beside us.  Jonny (as I call him) designed the perfect piece of art to accompany the feeble attempt on my part to capture Mom.

So, I present to you the stirring cover of “Bedside” that will be released in all formats on Tuesday, September 17th.  If you just can’t wait, you can purchase a pdf of the book now here.  But otherwise, paperback, kindle, and nook release next week.

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Jesus Risk

risk blocksThe crowd was pressing in around Jesus even more than usual today, but she had to see him, touch him.  But the crowd wasn’t the problem.  The pain in her stomach was doubling her over and keeping her from even getting close.  The final push sent her to her knees, and she knew she couldn’t stand up even if she wanted.  But there was her hope.  She could get to Jesus easier on hands and knees than fighting the crowd.  So, she crawled.

What would Jesus do when she touched his garment?  It didn’t matter.  She was in so much pain and so alone.  She had no friends because they all feared touching her and being made unclean.  She had no money because she spent all of it on doctors and that hadn’t worked.  No one in the synagogue would help her either.  Becoming unclean is not good for a holy man.  But what would this holy man do?  It was worth the risk.  She clung to his garment for a brief eternity and started to pull away.

Suddenly, something happened.  Her stomach no longer hurt and her bleeding stopped.   Could this be possible?  Before she could even consider it, she heard Jesus say loud enough for the whole crowd to hear, “Who touched me?  Power has come out of me.”

The thought of what would happen now was even more frightening than the consideration of what might happen if she touched him.  If he is so powerful that touching his clothes can heal, what could he do if he was angry?  Either way, the risk was worth it; I won’t be hurting anymore.

Jesus looked at the women.  He lent a hand to help her up and said, “Daughter, your faith has healed you.”

“Daughter,” she thinks, “He called me daughter?  I haven’t had a friend much less a family in twelve years.”  She begins to think through the painful years of her past.  She had risked everything, but it was worth it.  The faith she placed in everything else had been misguided, but this faith, this risk, was worth it.  Every risk is faith; every faith is risk, but finally, finally, she had found the risk worth taking.

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