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Celebrating 15 Years of Being Married to Amy

Do any of us really remember what we were like in 1996?  Wow that is a long time ago.  I was an English teacher just a couple of years out of college in Rocky Mount, NC.  I had short hair and enough free time to play guitar 2-3 hours a day.

Well, Amy and I were married 15 years ago today, and so many things have changed since then.  Throughout everything that a marriage brings, I have never regretted that decision or that day once.

I love you, Amy.

I wasn’t a pastor back then, and in fact, I had sworn to Amy and others that I would never be one.  However, being one now is not necessary to know that long-lasting marriages are rare.  Now, after pastoring Sovereign King for over 5 years, I know that persevering marriages are ultra-rare.  Now, more than ever, I don’t take us for granted.

It is not that we haven’t been through trials.  We’ve actually been through a ton:  career and job changes, infertility, multiple surgeries (shoulder, foot, hernia), financial struggles, starting a business and a church, five moves, seminary, long-term health issues like hypo—thyroidsim and poly-cystic ovarian syndrome, and the list goes on and on.  God has been incredibly gracious through all of them reminding us of His great love to us and strengthening our love to each other.

That love that God has strengthened in us comes from the simple fact that we like each other.  We prefer no one else’s company above each other.  Our relationship started out as a friendship that turned into flirting that blossomed into love.  That doesn’t mean that we aren’t blessed with many friends (we are), but we never forget that the friendship that deserves our highest attention is ours.

After pastoring for a few years, I know that not many marriages make it 15 years.  In fact, lots of folks will go through 2-3 during that time.  We take no pride in these years as we know our 15 are a testimony of God’s grace shown to us.  Without it, we would have wrecked this thing a long time ago.  But it does help to be married to someone you like.

I love Amy.
I love her smile and her laugh.
I love her undying confidence in me.
I love her sarcasm.
I love her shape.
I love her honesty.
I love her hope in Jesus.
I love her free spirit.
I love her wisdom.

I am blessed above all men.

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