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Introduction from “Joy in Trials”

The Book of Ruth is a fascinating read.  It covers so much of the life experience.

Marriage?  Check
Death?  Check
Children?  Check
Loss?  Check
Faith?  Check
Loss of Faith?  Check

You get the idea.  This story about a wandering family wandering back home with almost nothing and finding a new life is one of the most beautiful pictures of redemption in all of the Bible, and not because everything works out.

Just because people get married and have a new home and family does not mean that everything works out.  This is a book about pain and suffering that finds its way to joy because it gives the reader the luxury and joy of watching God work over the long course of time.

Ruth lets the reader observe God’s hand at work in almost every circumstance of life.  You get to patiently wait to see God move without you having to get your hand dirty.  And because of that, this can be one of the more faith-inspiring books in the whole Bible.  But just like Ruth, you have to be patient and wait to see it all come together.

For me as an author, revisiting old sermon notes about Ruth was a joy and comfort because I did it during a six month period where I lost both parents and decided upon a job change.  I needed to be reminded of God’s big work on my behalf, but even more so, I needed to be reminded that God does all of these things for His glory and in His timing.

That truth brings joy in trials both as a reality and as a book.

Thanks for giving this a shot.  I never take the reader for granted.

If you would like to purchase or recommend “Joy in Trials”, it is available digitally at Amazon and on paperback at Lulu.

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