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Chapter Excerpt on the Goal of the Church from The Gospel Carries Us

Below is one of the fifty plus articles from “The Gospel Carries Us” and its goal is to give a gentle exhortation to living as the church is called to live.  I hope you enjoy it

The beautiful design of God is that by His empowering mercies and grace, if you are humble, look after each other with sober judgment according to the faith that God has given you, if you rely on God’s mercy and grace, the church will function like a body.  If you fail to be humble or look at yourself with sober judgment according to the faith that God has given you, then the church will function as one that is lame or blind or deaf.  Christ will no less be glorious or victorious, but His bride won’t as effectively accomplish what God has called her to which is creating and engaging community for the glory of Jesus Christ.

The simple takeaway is this:  By faith, God is commanding each and every one of you to be humble, seeing others as better than yourself.  By faith God is commanding each and every one of you to see yourself with sober judgment finding infinite value only in Jesus Christ and not in what you do or what honors are heaped upon you.  Then as the church does that, she will create that loving community of believers that God intends for us to be.  Believers will participate in the life of the church because every believer is essential to the life of the church.  Believers will serve without a care or concern about getting personal praise or glory.  Service to Christ within the church and to the larger community in which each church exists will be done in the power and mercy of Jesus Christ seeking to glorify in Him in all that is done.

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