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First Review of The Gospel Carries Us is In

And the first review of “The Gospel Carries Us” is in.  Great thanks to M. Orr for her kind words.  She said:

I am always interested in receiving practical advice about how to keep the Gospel in my mind, proclaim it with my lips and keep it in my heart – things that I grapple with daily and fail at over and over again. “The Gospel Carries Us” tells me I’m not alone in my struggle. You’d think I’d know this, but it never hurts to be reminded. This volume is a collection of sermon notes and musings on spirituality and culture that warrant more than one reading. I think any reader, regardless of their particular denomination, will find these passages uplifting, comforting and in some cases, challenging. I’m looking forward to reading more from Pastor Gordon Duncan.

Thanks to any and all who are purchasing “The Gospel Carries Us” – reviews at Amazon and Barnes and Noble are a huge help.
You can purchases “The Gospel Carries Us” in three different formats:

Kindle at Amazon
Nook at Barnes and Noble


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