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Chapter Excerpt from The Gospel Carries Us

Below is one of the fifty plus articles from “The Gospel Carries Us” and its goal is to give frustrated, helpless people something they so desperately want:   a hope and an assurance.  I hope you enjoy it

In our daily ebb and flow of life, it is more than likely that we will become depressed either by our lack of accomplishment, lack of progress, or failure to attain what we want.

Why is this? Often it is because our view of history is as one who sees history as the telling of our story. But a redemptive view of history broadens our perspective. If we see the unfolding of our lives less in terms of our own individual perspective and more so in the perspective of our role in the outplaying of God’s redemptive work, we will find true hope. If we see history selfishly, we will find true despair.

We are either part of God’s work in bringing flawed people to himself for true glory or we will feel the weight of our own lack of ability to be good. Both involve very weak, non-perfect people.

One group has embraced grace (forgiveness for which we do not deserve) and another has embraced self-effort. But self-effort is self-torture. A friend of mine the other day said, “I just want to be good.” A good desire, but we just can’t be good on our own (ask my two year old).

But what if the meaning of history was God taking those people who try so hard to be good but aren’t, and truly redeeming them, calling them good because another was good for them? Then our lack of accomplishment or lack of progress would seem smaller in our minds b/c we have found real accomplishment and progress in the perfect work/life of Jesus Christ.

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