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The Gospel Carries Us now available

So why call a book “The Gospel Carries Us”?  Simple. The New Testament imperative from Jesus is that we go into this world. We weren’t designed to sit at home and bunker ourselves away from everyone else. We are commanded to go, and the Gospel carries us as we do.

So with that motivation behind me, I’ve gathered over fifty articles and essays that I hope are some encouragement to you and your “going”. The book is full of stories of life, love, gospel, mission, culture, church, and church planting.  It has been designed so that you don’t have to read straight through, but you can. I tried to divide things up into some categories that made sense. At first, I had a dozen or so topics, but for simplicity, I’ve reduced them to three.

You’ll find thoughts on planting and growing a church.
You’ll find my musings on the holidays.
And you’ll find a bunch of articles on relationships.

Feel free to jump around or read straight through. Either way, I never take it for granted that anyone wants to read this stuff, so thank you for taking the time.  Over the next few weeks, I’ll post clips, musings, and chapters from the book as samples of what folks might find.

As I read through seven years’ worth of writings, I realized something.  I can never write to greater explore or greater reveal God.  He has done that just fine for that Himself.  Instead, what I can do is remind my heart (and hopefully yours) that God is gracious and loving and meets our needs so well beyond our expectations.  If my writings can serve those purposes, I’ve succeeded.  One article says it this way:

The word supplies in this verse is the same word in the Greek used during a first century wedding service.  It is the declaration of a groom to his bride.  It is like the groom who sees his beautiful bride and says, “I will provide for you because I love you.  Anything you need, I will supply.  You don’t have to earn it.  I just want to do it for you because I love you.”

In the language of scripture, that is exactly what Jesus does.  Jesus looks at His church the bride and says, “I love you, and I will make you beautiful.”  Because of that, no one improves on what God has done by their own efforts.  You can’t go out and try to earn His love.  All that the child of God has, He has graciously given.  It is not payment for a debt incurred by work.

Thanks for even thinking about reading my book.  If you would like to explore it further, you can find it available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and in print here.



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