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Practice Progress Enables #Optometrists to Increase Revenue

Thanks to everyone. This past week, Practice Progress not only became the #1 Optometric book on Amazon, it took first place in three different categories. The real hope in this is that OD’s can take back control of their practices and see their hard work pay off. Already we are interacting with Optometrists who have purchased the Toolkit, and we can’t wait to begin posting testimonials.

If you haven’t purchased the Toolkit yet or if you are still on the fence, here are some the benefits of purchasing Practice Progress. In it you will find:

Examples to follow and examples to avoid in maximizing profits.

Key Diagnostics to implement at the front desk, your workup staff, and optical.

Helpful tools to enable you to evaluate the efficiency of your staff.

Motivational goals to motivate your staff.

Much, much more.

Check us out and help start the revolution of local eye doctors taking back control of their practices. You should enjoy going to your office every day, and Practice Progress want to make sure that happens.  We also have the Practice Progress Toolkit available in three digital formats:

Directly from Practice Progress

We also recently made our toolkit available in Paperback.

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    Comment by Tyson Alstrom | August 6, 2012 | Reply

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