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Anticipating Christmas All Year Long

I spoke with someone in Garner the other day who bemoaned the way people acted during the Holiday season.  He said, “Yeah, Christmas is when people act the way that they should be acting all year long.”

Sadly, this is true.  Around Christmas, people want to feed the hungry, clothe the chilly, and gift the needy.  I’m so thankful these actions occur, but what would cause us to do them all year long?  I would humbly offer that the solution is understanding to a greater depth Jesus’ incarnation.  Bear with me as I use my seminary degree for a moment.

Jesus’ incarnation is God becoming human, enduring pain and suffering, enduring persecution and death while innocent, and then rising triumphantly to new life.

Practically, that means that God entered into our suffering to alleviate it.  If we could get that, then we would make greater efforts to mirror our Savior each day of the year (not just in December).

The services at Sovereign King during the holiday season are intended to engender that kind of appreciation of the life and death of Christ.  We will begin a series entitled, “Anticipating” that will focus on the people in the Bible who anticipated Jesus’ arrival.  What we hope these services will accomplish is to give a greater sense of Jesus’ incarnation and teach us to mirror Him in anticipation of His return once again.

I invite you to join SK this season not just for one service (for which we would be thankful) but for the entire series.  Attend as much as you can; not for our benefit but for your own.  Give you, your children, your family, or whoever it is that you do life with a clear consistent celebration of Jesus’ birth.  But of course, if you can only attend once, we would love to have you.

Below is a list of our services for the season including Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services.  We look forward to seeing you, and if you would like to know more about SK, Jesus, or living a life of anticipation, feel free to contact Gordon at jgordonduncan@yahoo.com

Sunday, November 27th @ 10:30am – Luke 1:5-25:  Elizabeth Anticipates

Sunday, December 4th @ 10:30am – Luke 1:26-38:  Mary Anticipates

Sunday, December 11th @ 10:30am – Matthew 2:1-12:  The Wise Men Anticipate

Sunday, December 18th @ 10:30am – Matthew 2:13-23:  Herod Anticipates

Saturday, December 24th Christmas Eve @ 5:30pm – Luke 1:46-55:  Mary’s Song of Praise: The Magnificat

Sunday, December 25th Christmas Day – Luke 2:1-20:  The Shepherds Anticipate

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