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A Note About SK Church, Deacons, & Service

Recently, SK Church nominated its first class of Deacons.  Our hope is that the Deacons of SK will lead us into greater avenues of service in reflection of the service Jesus gave us. A foundational value of SK is that we will engage our community around us in acts of mercy and service.

Please pray for us.  Pray for the Elders as they train the men and pray for the diaconal candidates and their families as they enter into this process.  It is no small thing either to be nominated or to undergo training and examination.

We have so many great dreams of what God might do with us and through our Deacons.  But one of the primary desires that we want see to be fulfilled was best expressed by Tim Keller in his book “Resources for Deacons” when he said this:

Active diaconal ministry will, “remove hypocrisy from our intercessory prayer.  We shall be delivered from praying for the needs of others while ignoring opportunities to minister to those in need.  Our deeds to men will be brought into conformity with out words to God.  Perhaps it should also be said that at this point that the deacons might be specialists in intercessory prayer, not only praying themselves, but sharing with congregation situations calling for prayerful attention.”

Please join us in that prayer now.  Pray that God would do great things at SK, in Garner, and in the surrounding areas through the ministry of our Deacons.


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