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So Simple a Child Can Understand It – SK Service Preview for 012311

This week at SK, we are exploring a story from 1 Samuel where Samuel begins to step back from public ministry.  In it, we will be pursuing what it looks like to live the life with God with other people.  Samuel knew that if he was honoring God then he would live honorably among other people.  As a preview, I’ve included our children’s write up that is part of the children’s bulletin we create each week.  We hope to see you at SK this week.  You can find directions to our space here and our services begin at 10:30am.

Have you ever gotten into a fight or disagreement with your brother or sister?  Has one of your friends at school ever upset you?

Sometimes, when people make us mad or we yell at a friend, we want to run away and hide.  It just seems easier to be by our self.  One thing you should know about God is that He not only loves you but He also loves His church and the world.  Because of that, God commands us to obey Him and be like Him with other people.  God’s commands show us how to live with our family, friends, kids at school, and people at church.

In the book of 1 Samuel, Samuel did a great job obeying God, and he did a great job loving other people.  When he got old, he wanted to make sure that he had been honest to everyone.  So he asked all of God’s people, “Have I been honest?  Have I stolen anything from you?  If I did anything sinful, what can I do to repay you?  How can I make it right?”

Samuel knew that God wants us to love and serve others.  He knew that how we treat other people and how we speak to them shows how much we love God.  When we treat other people the way the Bible tells us to, it teaches them about God.

Jesus loved and served us by dying on the cross, and after that, the church grew and grew.  Jesus once said that when His people obey Him it catches on.  Other people begin to love God and serve others because you do.  In Matthew 13, Jesus said your obedience is just like yeast which helps a lump of flour turn into delicious bread.

Samuel knew how important believing and serving God was.  God helped him to obey and serve.  Jesus showed us how to believe and serve God too.

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