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Jesus.Acts.Mission – A Joint Study of the Book of Acts

Shouldn’t Jesus change things?  Better yet, shouldn’t a relationship with Jesus change my life?  What about my ever mounting bills and my ever decreasing bank account?  What about my wounded and broken relationships?   What about my bad habits and sinful tendencies?   Shouldn’t I have more joy and that joy be infectious because God is doing something great in my life?

If any of these questions can be answered in the affirmative, then the next question should be, “Well, what is wrong?”  And beyond that, it wouldn’t be bad to ask, “How should the church play a part in all of this change that Jesus is supposed to bring about?”

The clearest place in scripture to see these things happen is in the book of Acts.  There, Jesus clearly explains the life that He has for His church and it is put on display for the world to see.  People are forgiven.  People are healed.  Many people come to know Jesus.  Real change occurs.

Studying the book of Acts should be an encouragement and an example for what the life of a church should be.  That is why in 2011, Sovereign King is going to undertake a study entitled, “Jesus.Acts.Mission” and we want you to be involved.

This is what things are going to look like.  The study itself is going to take place at Fight Club and Project Runway.  Each week, the two groups will study the same thing.  That way, there can be frank, honest discussion within each group, and then families and CE groups can continue the conversation when they get together.

What we hope to see is real change.  We hope that by studying Acts, God will change us to look more like the church in Acts.  We hope that God will change us to know our Savior, Jesus, better.  We hope that we can be a real, honest encouragement to the people in our lives so that they too might wrestle with who Jesus is.

The first study for Project Runway will be Wednesday, January 5th at 7:00pm, and the first study for Fight Club will be Wednesday, January 12th at 7:00pm.  If you  have any questions, feel free to contact Gordon at jgordonduncan@yahoo.com or Amy at amyhduncan@yahoo.com.

If you would like more information about Sovereign King Church, check out our website here.



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