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What I’m Reading – What About You?

Birthdays give me the chance to gather in a few more books to read as Amazon gift cards are typically great gifts that people give me.  Right now, I’m reading a bunch of books across a bunch of genres.  I would love to know what you are reading as well.


The War Within – I just finished this book this morning and will be posting a review soon.  It is a book about counseling and working through sexual purity covering everything from internet pornography to counseling affairs.  The book is anonymous which means it is more honest than most.


Think by John Piper – I got this book in a buy one get one free at CCEF.  Only a chapter in so far, but Piper deals with the subject of what right thinking looking like for one who claims Jesus as their Savior.


Money, God or Gift by Jamie Munson – This book written Mark Driscoll’s administrative pastor talks about a biblical approach to money.  Three chapters in, it feels like a Driscoll book but without the sarcasm.


An Object of Beauty by Steve Martin – Great novel about a young woman’s foray into the high end art world.  Steve Martin writes tremendously better than he chooses movies at this point in his life.


The Chris Farley Show – This is the 4th life story of a drug addict that I’ve read in the last 3 months.  Farley’s life is retold by his best friends, and at the half way point, it is tremendously sad.


Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick – I haven’t started it yet, but I received this book from the publisher for a blog review, so look for that soon.  I must admit that I’m tremendously skeptical about this one.  I’ll let you know.


So with that, what you are reading these days?  What has been the good or bad?  I can’t wait to hear from you.


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