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The Haps at SK for the Weekend of 091710-091910

This a.m. for was contemplative as I sat at Swift Creek Coffee.  I had a few conversations, invited a police officer and his family to worship with us, and tinkered with the notes for my sermon.  You guys were, as always, on my mind.

Throughout the week as I’m working on my sermon, I want to do a few things:  I want to be faithful to the text and I want to make the text applicable to what is going on in your life.   And there are times when I read the passage, and I think, “How in the world is this going to change anybody?”  Sometimes I even think, “It would be a miracle for us to live in light of the truths of this passage.”  But that is where I find hope.  It ALWAYS takes the work of the Holy Spirit for a passage to have a real lasting impact on our lives.

So that’s my prayer this morning.  I pray that God uses the passage from 1 Samuel to transform us, change us, and encourage us.  I pray we can find hope where it appears there is none.  I pray that God would enable us to repent where repentance is needed, obey where obedience is needed, and praise God for that is always needed.  If you want to check out the sermon preview, you can find it at https://jgordonduncan.wordpress.com/2010/08/27/sovereign-king-preview-for-082910/

In addition to the sermon, SK has a cookout for the Hayes Place this weekend.  If you want to know how to be involved, contact Vanessa at vinnyg04@hotmail.com.  We continue to have rocking Sunday School at 930am.  If you have not checked the classes out, I think you are missing a real opportunity to get to know folks and grow scripturally.  And I’m also really excited about the music this Sunday.  I hope it encourages us and lifts us up to praise God.

See you guys this Sunday.  Bring yourselves, brings your family, bring your friends and neighbors.  Bring a heart of praise.



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