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Sovereign King Weekend Preview for 082010 – 082210

Well Gang, we get to do a couple of fun things this weekend.  To kick it off, our Welcome to the Neighborhood Cookout is Saturday the 21st from 12pm – 3pm.  In our old space, we didn’t have a neighborhood to love and serve, but now we do.  So Saturday is our first chance to get to know the folks around us.  It should be an incredible time with free food, games, EMS trucks, and a whole lot more.  You can find out more about the event by checking out  http://wp.me/pBHzf-rB.

This will also be our second week with Sunday School for both children and adults.  Last week went off without a hitch, and everyone appeared to have a lot of fun.  I spent so much time talking about the kids’ stuff that I neglected to speak much about the adult class.  We had a great discussion last week about the book of Genesis as we plan on walking through the Old Testament.  The class is structured in such a way so that there is plenty of time for discussion, and no one has to feel like they are a Bible Scholar to participate.  This week, we tackle Exodus.  Our kids will be picking up where they left off last week, and we anticipate both programs growing in number this quarter and in scope during the next quarter.

Last but not least, we will be returning to the narrative portion of our “Transitions” 1 Samuel series.  We spent the last 3 weeks looking at the song of Hannah, so this week, the text takes us back to the state of life around the early life of Samuel, and I can tell you now, it is not very good.  In fact, it is so bad, you might wonder, “Why doesn’t God do something about this?”  We’ll see in the passage a real hope for us when we wonder if God is silent.

I hope to see everyone this weekend.  Remember:

Cookout:  Saturday August 21st 12pm – 3pm

Sunday School:  Sunday August 22nd 9:30am – 10:15am

Worship:  Sunday August 22nd 10:30am – 12:00pm


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