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Redeeming Space – SK’s New Facility

Redemption is about restoring things to their original purposes. In the case of sin, men and women have run after their own way, abandoning God, and pursuing self. Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection offer those same men and women the opportunity to be redeemed: pursuing and enjoying God.

Redemption is the message of the church. As a result, the work of the church should reflect its message. Her posture towards her city should reflect redemption as well. Pretty soon after launching Sovereign King, we knew that the only way we were going to get a facility that would fit us was going to be to redeem one.

So after meeting in a dance studio, the Lions Club, a speakeasy, and an office building, we have finally signed onto a new facility: 527 Place Court (or as the rest of the world knows it: the former Peak Fitness/Gold’s Gym). Redemption is something that place needs. It has been empty for nearly two years.

It will be a seven day a week facility, with worship space for nearly 200, a nursery, an office, multiple classrooms, and something brand new for us: his AND her bathrooms. The upfit will take a few weeks, so we hope to announce an opening Sunday sometime in early July.

Redemption however, goes much further than merely occupying a once empty space. We hope to improve the profile of the shopping center and offer a place of refuge physically and spiritually for the community around us. Our present location is off a service road without a defined community, so loving and serving that specific area has been difficult. However, this little corner of Highway 50 that will soon be ours has several pocket communities that are often neglected or overlooked. We want to be able to offer them hope in every area of their life.

We’re blessed to have this new opportunity. As many prayers as it took to get us here will be necessary to get us to our first day of worship. I’m excited to see what God might do with us as we expand to a larger facility…and have two bathrooms.

For more info, contact Gordon at jgordonduncan@yahoo.com or call 919-412-8161.

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