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Hijacked Hospitality – SK Service Preview for 050210

Hospitality and its subsequent willingness and ability to care for others is an essential element of the work of God.  And here is the secret that is so often lost in the Martha Stewart hospitality of the world.  Hospitality is not rooted in the neatness of your house, the coordinating of appetizers, main courses, drinks, and desserts, or in the attractiveness of your curtains.

Hospitality is always about grace.  Hospitality is about mercy.

With that, the person who professes faith in Christ should be the most hospitable of people because the Christian has received mercy and grace from God.  As Cindy Holtrop from the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship said, “I did not become passionate about hospitality until I realized that it had to be rooted in grace. Not until my desire to reflect God’s hospitality to me, in no longer calling me a stranger, but in calling me a friend, did the hospitality I extend to others become linked to grace. When that happened, then hospitality became more than technique and more than a task.”

You see, when you open your home to someone, you are visibly showing them what Christ is like.  When you feed someone or when you let someone stay or live at your house, or when you make your home a home to others, then your house becomes used for the kingdom.

This is an ethic that reflects the work of Christ already done in some lives and prepared to do in others, and it is one of the things that we are going to pursue this week at Sovereign King.  If you would like to join us, we will meet this Sunday at 10:30am, and you can find directions to our space at http://www.sovereignkingpca.net/1.2.html.


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