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Letter on Expectation, Worship, & Faithfulness

Hey Gang,

You know there are certain elements in the week that give me a sense of what the service might be like and what God might do with us.  It might be the point in my sermon writing where I begin to see the connection between the passage of scripture and the circumstances of our lives.  It can be when I’m picking out our music or even when the rocking SK Music Team is practicing a portion of a song for the 5th time.  However and whenever I get that sense, my enthusiasm for worship, the service, you guys, and SK’s mission jumps up a notch.  The expectation that God might do something grand among us is motivating.

I want us all to live with that expectation.  Twice this week, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with folks about Haggai 2 where God tells the people about the rebuilding of the temple and makes many promises that ultimately only Christ would fulfill.  The children of Israel were still a stubborn, unrepentant lot, and God says, “Hey I remember my covenants.  I will work with you because my Spirit remains with you.”  In recounting that story, I am encouraged to know that God does keep His promises, His Spirit is alive among us and He works despite the fact that we are sinful and at times unrepentant.

Please make every effort to make it on Sunday, and make every effort to bring folks with you.  Let’s pray with great expectation and hope that God is going to do great things with us.

If you want to worship with us at SK, we meet each Sunday at 1030am, and you can find directions to our space at http://www.sovereignkingpca.net/1.2.html.


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