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SK Service Preview for 03/07/10

  • Are you content with where you live?  I mean the actual home and location?
  • Are you content with lifestyle you have?  Do you feel like there are luxuries that would improve your life that you don’t have?
  • Are you thankful daily and is it evident and clear that you are content with your spouse, your children, etc?  Or do you really think you would be happier if either you had different people in your life or at least changed people in your life?
  • Do you see the non-Christians in your life as blessings sent by God to which you can serve and share the Gospel?  Or do you see them as annoyances because they disagree with you?  Heck, do you see Christians that way?

Unfortunately, many people are tricked into thinking that God’s love is the means to their ends whereas actually God’s love through Jesus is actually the means and the end.  Believers in Christ are called to reflect Jesus’ love to them in their relationships with others.  This is the life of faith that is not lived to please self.

So at Sovereign King Church this week, we are going to attempt to answer this Big Picture Question:

Big Picture Question:  How does God use the life that is not lived to please itself?

If you would like to worship with us on Sunday, we meet at 1030am (feel free to get there early for good food and coffee), dress however makes you feel comfortable, and you can find directions to our space here.


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