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Sovereign King Preview for Super Bowl Weekend

A lot of exciting things are going on this weekend including the Garner Citizens for Haiti event and worship on Sunday.  Check out the video preview below for more details.

To prepare our hearts, consider these thoughts from Tim Lane and Paul Tripp:

“The Bible says that my real problem is not psychological (low self-esteem or unmet needs), social (bad relationships and influences), historical (my past), or physiological (my body).   They are significant influences, but my real problem is spiritual (my straying heart and my need for Christ).  I have replaced Christ with something else, and as a consequence, my heart is hopeless and powerless.  Its responses reflect its bondage to whatever it is serving insted of Christ.  Ultimately,  my real problem is a worship disorder.

When we rightly identify the source of our problem, we are on our way to a solution that celebrates the grace of Christ.  But we must first acknowledge that the problem is us!  It is inside us, deep in the recesses of our hearts.  If we don’t face our own sins, we will never get to the real solution.  We will minimize the redeeming love of the Father, the Son, and Spirit or bypass it completely.” (How People Change)

If you would like to worship with us at Sovereign King, you can find directions our space here.

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