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Canceling A Service Ain’t Easy

Canceling Sovereign King’s worship service today was one of the more difficult decisions I have made in a while.  I’ve spent a good bit of the day and evening wondering why.

It wasn’t without input and advice, so that wasn’t the issue.  It wasn’t that I was bull-headed assuming everyone should just tough it out.  It wasn’t that I wanted to take in all the people from churches that canceled.

I think the fundamental reason was that we need to worship.

I know that worship happens in various forms in a multitude of places.  I know that many faithful had times of family and even community worship today.  For all of those things, I’m incredibly thankful.  Being snow-bound will not hinder the hearts of those who want to praise the name of Jesus Christ.

However, the opportunity to gather with other believers (some of whom have taken vows to and with each other), hear the instructed word from someone how has taken a vow to proclaim truth, and partake of the sacraments (Christ’s body for His body) is rare.  In fact, it only happens 52 times a year.  I didn’t want any of our folks to miss that opportunity, but I also didn’t want any of our folks to never have that opportunity again because they died on the highway.

Once I made the decision to cancel services, I received nothing but affirmation for it and even one phone call from a member of the Garner EMS expressing thanks that our folks would not be on the road.

The experience leaves me with one primary takeaway.  We cannot take corporate worship lightly.  God has called us to committed community where we submit to one another (Ephesians 5) and to Godly leadership (Hebrews 13) for personal edification (I Corinthians 12 and Romans 12).  The opportunities to gather together and grow together are not as common as we think.  Missing that opportunity, whether it be because snow or schedule, needs to be weighed thoughtfully and prayerfully.  When providence hinders our gathering, it should not make us relieved we don’t have to worship together, but instead, it should make us long for it.

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