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Love Honor and Obey Part 3

Part 1 of this series appears here while Part 2 appears here.

13 Contribute to the needs of the saints and seek to show hospitality.

You want to know how to outdo one another in honor?  The answer is pretty simple and twofold.  Meet the needs of the saint and show hospitality.  Folks this verse is essentially telling you to create and engage community.

First of all, in the expression of your knowing Jesus Christ, in desiring to outdo one another in honor, seek to meet the needs of the saints.  You see our culture has it all backwards.  We think that having to ask for help is humiliating.  We are too damn self-sufficient.  But you show honor to Christ and honor to another person when you serve them.  Allowing someone to serve you shows honor as well.

We need to be humble people who are willing to ask for help, and we need to be always ready to meet the needs of one another.  I know we are all busy.  None of have absolute free time with nothing to do, so I know that anything you choose to do has a specific time cost.

But at SK, if you want to obey this verse by meeting the needs of the saints, you need to be a part of a CE Group.  There, the specific mission is to love and serve on another.  There, if you need help with babysitting, you can find it.  If a married couple needs a date without kids, you can get help.  Do you need help with a project at your home?  The folks at your CE Group will help out.  We don’t do it perfectly.  And not everyone is willing to ask for help, but at SK, our CE Groups are the absolute best way to outdo one another in honor by meeting each other’s needs.

How about showing hospitality?  Well showing hospitality is the primary way in which we demonstrate the truths of Jesus Christ to those who need it.  Again, what’s Jesus’ primary teaching on hospitality?  The Good Samaritan.  A man is beaten and left for dead and naked on the side of the road.    The man who shows hospitality is not the Israelite who passes by or the Priest who passes by but the Samaritan who bandages the man, takes him to the doctor and pays for his bills.

The church is called to outdo one another in honor by showing mercy to those that are in need.  That means preparing meals for the EMS. That means giving the families at Hayes Place a ride.  That means finding ways to befriend and love the students at WakeTech.  That means opening your home to people who do not know Christ.

You be faithful in showing hospitality, outdoing each other in love, and then trust that God will bring in a harvest of new believers.  That way we can walk in living out 1 Timothy 1:5 The aim of our charge is love that issues from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.

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