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Portrait of the Artist: Jonathan Grauel

My friend, Jonathan Grauel, is an inspiration to me.  We’ve been friends for years, and his talents as an artist make him an absolutely fascinating person to be around.  I proudly display no less than 5 of his pieces of art in my home.

A little over a year ago, Jonathan lost several fingers in a woodworking accident, and from most people’s viewpoint, his art career might very well have been finished.  When I called him in the hospital following the accident, I asked him about his art, and immediately he responded with, “Gordon, I’ve never drawn with my hands.  I draw with my heart and mind.”  I discovered my friend was as tough as he was creative.

Following the accident, Johnny (as I call him) found a new passion for his art pursuing it with more fervor than I ever remember.  He even added a new medium to his repertoire with the growing medium of iphone art.  His re-emergence post accident was a show full of art he had created entirely on his phone.

One skill that even Johnny himself can’t fully explain is how he takes notes from sermons and other events via sketching.  Sovereign King had the privilege of having Johnny and his great wife Angela in the congregation a few weeks ago, and Johnny sketched the notes to my sermon on the end of Romans 11.  He recently sent me the sketch, and I find great joy knowing that I contributed to his art.

If you want to find out more about Jonathan Grauel, you can find him at


This article also appears at the Raleigh Examiner.  Read it there and help me earn a penny.


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