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I just cannot imagine the days of bloody sacrifice in the Old Testament.  As many of you know, our house is not very pet friendly, but even I can’t imagine raising an animal with the sole purpose of having it sacrificed for my sins.

There were several different offerings given throughout the year, but basically the giving of a sacrifice looked like this:

The first thing a person did was to select an animal to sacrifice that didn’t have any apparent defects or blemishes.  The sacrifice couldn’t be the runt of the litter either.  It had to be a sacrifice in more ways than one.  It could be a bull, sheep, goat, dove or pigeon, and what animal you chose depended on how wealthy you were.  You offered a more valuable animal if you had more valuable animals.

Then, you would present your sacrifice to the priest to be examined.  If he found it acceptable the priest would then place his hands on the head of the animal which was a symbolic gesture of the transfer of guilt.

The priest would then slaughter the animal, the blood would be sprinkled on the altar and at times, the blood would be sprayed across the individual or family that was offering the sacrifice.  Can you imagine how nasty that would be?   Can you imagine explaining to your kids why the family goat’s blood needed to be flung across their faces?

Well, once that process was over, the entire animal would be totally burned by fire and the sacrifice would be complete.

Now, imagine doing that at least once a year and sometimes as many as four times a year.  I have a hard enough time getting the kids ready to go to Target in a mini-van that has a/c and TV.  I don’t how in the world you keep kids quiet as you travel through the desert for 5 days just so you can kill the family pet and then get a bath in their blood.

Thankfully, sacrifice today looks completely different.  That is because Jesus has offered the once, and last, and perfect sacrifice for the penalty of sin.  No longer do you, or I or anyone else have to offer anything to God to pay the penalty of sin.  Yet, there are sacrifices still to be made.

As we approach the book of Romans this week, the idea of sacrifice is what we are going to pursue.  With that in mind, let’s answer this Big Picture Question:

Big Picture Question:  What does offering God a sacrifice look like today?

If you would like to join Sovereign King for worship, we meet for worship each Sunday at 10:30am, and you can find directions to our space at http://www.sovereignkingpca.net/1.2.html


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