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Four Benefits of Blogging

I began blogging at www.jgordonduncan.com about 4 years ago, and have posted anywhere between 3-7 posts each week since then.  My original intention for starting a blog was two-fold.  With the end of seminary, I didn’t have a creative outlet for writing any longer.  In addition, upon arriving in Garner to plant Sovereign King Church, I didn’t know a single, solitary soul, so blogging would at least help me to make myself known.

What I’ve discovered is that the daily act of writing/blogging has become an essential discipline in my spiritual life.  Though there are hosts of benefits, for the sake of this post, I’ve reduced blogging’s merits to 4.

Blogging primes the pump for writing in other areas.  My sermon writing produces between 400-500 MS Word pages a year, and most days, I don’t wake up ready to start writing a sermon.  Blogging allows me the opportunity to write with cohesion and attempt to invoke thought and reaction, and those practices make writing sermons much easier.

Blogging helps build a tribe of readers and offers a platform to raise awareness.  Pastors have a unique view of the world, and blogging allows the preacher to speak to large numbers of people about specific issues and also events surrounding their church and community.

Blogging allows you to make a point on a day other than Sunday. If a pastor tries to squeeze every thought he has into his sermon on Sunday, two things are going to happen:  sermons are going to be incredibly long and points are going to be made outside the context of scripture.  Blogging allows the pastor to speak to certain issues without abusing either the scriptures or the ears of the congregation.

Blogging keeps me honest.  By writing every day primarily about spiritual issues, I see my thoughts put to paper, and the process of writing/reading them helps me find objectivity in my thought/prayer life.

There are scores of other benefits that might merit another post, but I would also like to hear from all of you about the benefits of blogging.  Post your comments, and let me know.

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