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Photographic Sovereign King Love Feast Wrap Up

The Sovereign King Love Feast was one of the most significant events that we have ever undertaken. Nearly 70 folks descended on one of the SK homes for an incredible meal. We had tons of food, a firepit out back, and an edible village for all to eat. In addition to the all the SK folks, we had 6-8 EMS, 1 police officer, 2 moms from the local women’s’ shelter, their 2 directors, 10 children, and various friends and family.

The big moment of the evening came when we presented Christmas gifts to the 10 children. These wonderful children basically wouldn’t have had much of a Christmas otherwise, but the EMS and the folks of SK pulled together to just overwhelm them with gifts. The best part was that none of the children arrived thinking they were receiving Christmas presents. They though it was just going to be another boring dinner, but by the time all the presents came out, many of them were crying. Folks even gathered up gifts for the moms. One of the boys didn’t receive as many gifts as the others, and our EMS friend, Dena, grabbed him and another EMS tech and drove him to Wal-Mart to make sure he got what he wanted.

As the evening came to an end, I grabbed the SK crew together and just told them how much I loved them, how proud of them I was, and how much I was going to brag on them. God has used us mightily. The amount of effort it took to coordinate and implant the evening was great, and everyone I know, did it with great joy and a heart of service.

Then on Sunday, the house was packed as many of the ladies and children came and worshiped with us. We celebrated and pondered what God has done and is presently doing in all of our lives with gracious thoughts of thanksgiving.


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