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Questions to Be Asked in Light of Pastor Matt Chandler’s Tumor

Pastor Matt Chandler’s recent seizure and surgery are beginning to have a profound effect on many people. Chandler was already an incredibly influential speaker/pastor/writer, and now through his incredible testimony in the midst of suffering, his Godly influence is spreading.

Learning from his mentor John Piper, Matt has spoken of the privilege of suffering while the world watches and written of “not wasting his tumor.” The video before his surgery can be found here.

When it comes down to it, Chandler and Piper are Godly men who realize that God ordains all things ultimately to bring Himself glory.

While watching from a distance, I have found the entire ordeal inspiring, encouraging, and convicting. Rightfully so, there are a host of questions that should arise from even the smallest interaction with these guys and their teachings. Each should challenge and convict and hopefully more people will walk closer to God in the midst of suffering instead of wandering further away.

Following are a list of helpful questions to ask as you consider your own heart in the midst of suffering:

• What areas of my life am I bitter about?
• Where am I mad at God?
• What good might God intend through this difficult circumstance?
• How is my suffering small compared to the suffering of so many?
• What things should I be more thankful for?
• Am I waiting on anything from God before I will serve God?

This article appears at the Raleigh Examiner. Read it there and help me earn a penny.


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