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No Fear – Sovereign King Preview for 12/06/07

Once upon a time, there were two Godly people, Zechariah and Elizabeth. Zechariah served faithfully as a priest, and both he and his wife were described as walking righteously before their God. It would seem the only sadness in their lives was that Elizabeth was barren, so they had no children in which to take joy.

One day, Zechariah is serving in the temple, and an angel of the Lord appeared to Him. Out of great respect and fear, Zechariah trembled before this messenger of God. The angel of the Lord tells him, “No need for fear. Your prayers have been answered and your wife Elizabeth is pregnant. You are to name your child John. He will be a great among God’s people. He will set himself apart both by his lifestyle and his message. He will make the paths straight for the coming of the promised Savior.

Now that’s a pretty good day. You serve in the temple. An angel shows up. Tells you the one thing that you have prayed for the most will be given to you by God. And the child you desire so much is going to be a great man used by God to usher in the Savior of the World.

That would seem to be a pretty good day. You would think Zechariah would jump for joy.

Instead, he says, “Um, how do I know this will all come true? Elizabeth is getting up there in age.”

The angel of the Lord responds and says, “I am Gabriel. I stand in the very presence of God and have been sent by Him to give you this message, and you want reassurance? How’s this? You won’t be able to speak another word until that baby is born. That will probably assure you that God means what He says.”

And just like that…Zechariah fell silent…for the next 9 months.

Now, we like to read this story and criticize Zechariah. It is easy to wonder how he could doubt when Gabriel is standing before him telling him what God is going to do. We wonder why Zechariah was so doubtful that God could cause him and his wife to be pregnant when again, Gabriel is standing before him.

It would do us all very well, however, to relate to Zechariah. Zechariah was…scared, plain and simple. Though the promise from God was great, though the delivery of that promise was great, though God was granting him everything that he ever wanted, he was still scared. So scared in fact that it causes him to doubt God himself.

In that, I bet you and I can relate to Zechariah. It is our fear that most often causes us to doubt God. This week, as we begin to celebrate our Advent season, we are going to explore just how Jesus and His work removes us from all fear. If we can embrace that, we will be transformed people. So, let’s try to answer this Big Picture Question:

Big Picture Question: How does the birth of Jesus not only repair our relationship with God but also remove us from all fear?

You can find directions to Sovereign King Church by clicking here.

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