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Finding Tiger Woods on My Blog

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article entitled “The TMZ of Jesus’ Day” which was for the most part, pretty poorly received. It was one of the least read posts that I’ve ever put on my blog. I thought it was decent but not that great, so I was not surprised that it wasn’t read much. Well, that’s not the case anymore.

In light of the Tiger Woods’ scandal, folks are googling TMZ like crazy looking for dirt. The media and tabloids cannot get enough of the story, and some folks love tearing down folks they once lifted up. The only thing I’ll add to the story is that people shouldn’t be surprised when they find out that people they idolize (whom they really know absolutely nothing about aside from their performance) are not always idolizable. The whole situation is a tragedy for any family and it becomes an even worse tragedy when it plays out publicly.

Well apparently, if you search for TMZ deep enough, you’ll find the article and my website. And because of that, people are reading an article about discovering your identity in Christ. Glad to see some good come from the whole mess.


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  1. What is bad is that we all mess up. Some of us everyday…….

    For some reason we forget about our screw ups, yet can forget about others…

    Comment by Dena | December 3, 2009 | Reply

  2. Gordon, I try to read your blog everyday but I must have missed the TMZ one from a while ago. I read it just now and as always, you hit the nail on the head. When are you going to write a book?

    And I agree with Dena. We all mess up and everyday at that. It’s just so much easier to point out the speck in our brother’s eye than it is to deal with the 2X4 in our own eye.

    Comment by Daniel | December 3, 2009 | Reply

    • Thanks, Daniel and Dena.

      The joy some people take in finding out the dirt is disturbing. As Rae Whitlock said, “If you are not Tiger’s wife, priest, or insurance agent, he doesn’t owe you an explanation or any juicy details.”

      I met with a publisher earlier in 09 and the goal for early ’10 is to finish the book proposal. We’ll see what happens.

      Comment by jgordonduncan | December 3, 2009 | Reply

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