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Happy Feet – Sovereign King Preview for 11/22/09

Every since I’ve begun training for the marathon, I’ve had to pay attention to something in which I’ve never even given much of a thought:  my feet.  You just can’t throw on any old shoes and go running.  That might work in the short term, but in the long run (sorry for the pun), you’re feet are going to kill you in you are wearing the wrong shoes.

When I started my training a few months ago, I just put on an old pair of running shoes, and I quickly realized that I was going to have some serious injuries if I didn’t get some new kick.  The new shoes worked but the first week was like running on razor blades.  I took them off from a run, and I had two pretty wicked blisters.  Then I realized that certain socks prevented blisters, so I had to change my socks.  All of a sudden, my feet, to which I barely had given a thought most of my life, were taking up a lot of my attention.

Now forgive me for taking up so much time discussing feet.  For some folks, feet are pretty disgusting, and I must admit, when I those toenail fungus commercials are on TV, I get a little queasy.  I cannot even begin to imagine how dirty and disgusting feet were back in Jesus’ day.  They clearly wore shoes back in Rome, and they even called them an early version of the word “sock” but they really were just loose fitting sandals.  We don’t get socks as we know until the late 1800’s and Nike didn’t produce shoes until 1964, so feet in Jesus’ day were pretty sore, filthy, and probably petty disgusting.  Yet, in this week’s passage, God is going to call those feet, that were dirty and bruised and who knew what their toenails looked like without clippers, beautiful.

They are not beautiful because of any outward appearance, which is always the case in scripture.  Beauty in scripture always comes from within as something lives out the purpose for which it was created.  No, feet are beautiful because of the wonderful and grand mission in which they fulfill.  In fact, they fulfill the mission that God gives to the His people, the church.  So this week, as we continue in our series in Romans, let’s ask this Big Picture Question:

Big Picture Question:  What grand and beautiful mission does God give the church?

If you would like to join Sovereign King for worship, we meet each Sunday at 10:30am, and you can find directions to our space at http://bit.ly/1byggC

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