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What Advantage Does Your Church Have?

advantageI’m at the CCEF Counseling Conference in Philly for a few days, so that mean my brain is on overload both from the speakers and the opportunities to get real time feedback from other pastors/leaders.  Every thought and philosophy about counseling and establishing counseling ministries runs through a grid in my brain.  It goes something like this:


  • Is what I just heard biblical?
  • Does it jive with Sovereign King’s mission/vision?
  • Is it practical?
  • What are the challenges to implementing such strategies?
  • What are the built in advantages that SK has in implementing such strategies?
  • What is the cost?


I won’t say that I always walk through those points sequentially but those bullet points are pretty close to my thinking.


Here is the main takeaway I have so far though:  Sovereign King is immensely blessed with faithful servants who are also immensely talented.  They have the skill sets, desire, and even greater, the faith in Christ to do great things in the areas of applying the Gospel to people’s lives.  We are a blessed congregation, and God is gracious to use us despite the weaknesses that we do have.


I’m praying now for the greater ability to lead and train SK in those areas.


How could you pray for your church?  What strengths should you thank God for and what weakness should you pray about?

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