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Sweet Monday

Sweet-Monday-PlacardIn the continuing effort to tell stories about someone other than myself, let me brag on the ladies of Sovereign King Church.  They have an event called “Sweet Mondays” every other month that is essentially a themed social gathering for our ladies, their friends, and neighbors.  They’ve done everything from celebrating holidays, scrapbooking, making meals for families who are sick, and so forth.  Last night’s meal was a Thanksgiving Celebration.

Instead of just getting together and hanging (which is perfectly fine and of itself), they decided to extend an invite to the local women’s shelter with which Sovereign King Church partners.  This is a home where mom’s and children can find refuge, find a job, get a restart, and then launch back out on their own.  SK has been able to do a few small things for the ladies upon entry or exit, but our folks continually want to do more.  The goal is to makes sure these ladies do not feel like projects or mercy cases but are instead welcomed in as friends.  Well, the ladies of SK outdid themselves last night.

An enormous Thanksgiving feast was held with all the ladies of SK, the entire household from the women’s shelter, and a few other friends sprinkled in for good measure.  From all accounts, everyone laughed, enjoyed themselves, and celebrated those things for which they were thankful which is always the recipe for a good Thanksgiving meal.

Rocking job, ladies of SK.  Any of you who were there last night, feel free to fill in with more details about the food or anything else that was great about the evening.

The next Sweet Monday will be in January and the theme has not been chosen yet, so keep an eye out on the SK Sweet Monday Page for upcoming events.

This article also appears at the Raleigh Examiner.


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  1. Last night was wonderful, it give me such a feeling of being part of a group that are making other people happy, especially a group of young children. Hats off to Lynn and Ruth for getting everything looking wonderful. Can’t wait to do it again.
    Pat Barber

    Comment by Pat Barber | November 10, 2009 | Reply

    • Pat, thanks so much for commenting.

      Comment by jgordonduncan | November 10, 2009 | Reply

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