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The Story of My Life – Sermon Preview for 110809

guitar-hero-20051107043412575Coping with problems ultimately comes down to our perspective.  Granted, if someone has no hope in Jesus Christ and their only hope rests in their own strengths and abilities, despair seems pretty appropriate.  But knowing the promises of God and the fulfillment of those promises in Jesus Christ, despair for the believer is a matter of perspective.

With Christ, all things are possible.  With Christ, all hope is gone.  When we lose that perspective (all hope because of Christ), we fall into despair – a state in which many people are living in at this moment.

Francis Chan in his book “Crazy/Love” does a good job of helping us find that perspective.  Imagine that you are an extra in a movie.  There is a crowded scene where you stand with about a hundred other folks, and once your day day of shooting is done, the back of your head accounts for about 2 seconds of screen time.  Now, this is not a huge debut for your movie career, but the back of your head makes 2 seconds of screen time among another 100 folks, so I guess you are in showbiz.  So in light of your debut, you rent out a local movie theater and invite all of your friends and family.  You tell them that they are invited to see the movie made about your life.  Of course everyone shows up excited, but once they realize that the back of your head makes up about two seconds of screen time and you have billed the movie as the movie of your life, they all think your crazy.  Obviously your perspective is skewed at the least and you are crazy at the worst.

Unfortunately, as Chan notes, this perspective most of us take before God.  In the grand scheme of God’s work and the unfurling of His plan and character, we make up about 2 seconds of head time, yet we yell and scream that this world and this life is about us.  We shake our fists and God and yell, “How dare you do this!”  We yell, “Why have you done this to me?  I’ve been faithful.”  Most folks lose perspective that this world is the unfurling of God’s eternal plan to bring glory to Himself and not to cater to our whims.  The hope though in the midst of that is that God is pledged Himself to you in love so much so that He gave His only son, Jesus Christ, so that you might be with Him both now and in eternity.

So in light of that, our perspective should change.  Yes, God cares about you and is about your well-being, but it is His plan at work, it is His glory, and His movie if you will.  Finding our selves in it instead of trying to make God fit into ours corrects our perspective.  When it comes down to it, God is only going to meet His expectations and not going to conform to yours, mine, or anyone else’s.  The question is, can you worship that God?

Big Picture Question:  How is a God who meets His own expectations more worthy of praise than a god that meets your expectations?

If you would like to join Sovereign King for worship, we meet each Sunday at 10:30am, and you can find directions to our space at http://www.sovereignkingpca.net/1.2.html


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