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The Gift of Perspective (Don’t Waste It)

perspectiveI spent the evening last night meeting with 2 courageous ladies in Garner who run a home for women in need.  Several years ago, they realized that there was a crack in the system:  if you had a job but were homeless there was nothing to help you out.  Not wanting to discourage women from getting back on their feet, they started a home where you can live with your kids, pursue a job, and not be completely dependent on the system.

I was amazed by all that they do.  These ladies work tirelessly for the families that live there.  The ladies take no crap from anyone, can’t be fooled, but still have a heart of compassion.  We talked about how Sovereign King could support them in new ways since partnering with them earlier in the year.  We talked about their dreams and what they could do if they had more money.  We met some of families who presently live there and heard bits of their stories.

I was blown away.  Perspective is something that is hard to come by but valuable when found.  Times of mediation and prayer are the necessary partners to perspective.  When you find a world so drastically different than your own and you see Christ at work there, perspective allows you to be more thankful, more diligent, and more open to the work of God.

Where can you find perspective today?

This article also appears at the Raleigh Examiner.


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