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Are You Being Served?

beachI am the most fortunate of pastors.  Without hyperbole, I do not know of another pastor who has been blessed by their church as I have been by Sovereign King.

The beginning of the year marked a downturn in Amy’s health.  Her fatigue and fatigue-related issues often kept her in bed, and we needed help with everything from meals to childcare.  At the depths of Amy’s health, SK was delivering up to 4 meals a day and offering childcare relief so that I could still get out and meet with folks.  The amazing thing is that as things improved, SK still served us.  To this day, our “Meal Fairy” delivers us at least one meal a week, and those meals are always excellent.  Each and every person who has served us has done so joyfully, and they have done it as we try to teach our children to serve:  with a “happy heart.”

This alone makes Sovereign King Church rare.  They don’t expect the pastor and wife to be indestructible super human machines of virtue and health.  They also are willing to serve the needy.  Both of these are hallmarks of a Godly church.

But now they have gone and outdone themselves.

Two weeks ago, one our CE Groups began organizing (without our knowledge) a getaway for Amy and me.  Once the details came to us, the entire church coordinated a beach getaway for the two of us (with childcare) so Amy and I could get some rest and face time.  When the time came to get away, they even gave us spending money.

The folks at SK are incredible.  They love and serve us, each other, and the community.  They don’t do it slavishly to the vision of the church but enthusiastically with a desire to serve Christ.

I truly am blessed to be their pastor, we are truly blessed to a part of the SK community, and Garner and the surrounding areas are blessed because of their service.

This article also appears at the Raleigh Examiner.

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  1. You are correct–you are a very fortunate pastor. I serve in a really great church also–not being in the situation you find yourself in I don’t know how our church would respond–I hope in similar ways. I have also served in a church that the opposite would to have been said. I will pray for Amy as I write and I hope your time away was all you hoped it would be.

    Comment by pastorjeffcma | October 29, 2009 | Reply

    • Jeff, thx for the comment. We are blessed, and this blessing has caused me to pray for more pastors to be both free with need and blessed with the meeting of it.

      Comment by jgordonduncan | October 29, 2009 | Reply

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