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Faithful in Little Faithful in Much

testingNo matter your place in life, no matter what job you have, or who you are, you have to prove yourself in one area before you can be given responsibility in another.  If you are 5 years old, you have to show responsibility in small things before being given privileges in other things.  Most parents make their teenager demonstrate some modicum of wisdom before giving them keys to a car.  If you do a good job as a bag boy in grocery store, you might get moved up to cashier.  Faithfulness in small things is evidence of faithfulness in larger things.  Disregard in small things is a good test that disregard will be given in large things.

Much of life is built like this, and the way someone handles these times of testing really speak to their character.  I remember student teaching before becoming a teacher.  You have the chance to take on an entire teaching load under the supervision of an experienced teacher, get real time feedback, and figure out what you don’t know.  You do that well along with a few other things, and you can earn your teacher’s license.

I remember one guy who was in my group of teachers.  We would drive over the school each day, commiserate about being lowly student teachers, and compare lesson plans while trying to figure out how to eat lunch for less than $2.50.  We got down to the last 2 weeks of student teaching.  At that point and time, the teaching load is gradually being handed back to the experienced teacher.  The student teacher is practically on cruise control, and with a tiny bit of effort, they will be on their way to be a licensed teacher.  But a problem arose for my buddy.  During those last two weeks, the Grateful Dead were coming down from Virginia, through NC, and touring into SC.  My buddy was a huge Deadhead.  He mentioned to me that he might skip a day and go see them.  I urged him not to because I knew that his tendency would be to take a bunch of days off and follow the band from show to show.  Unfortunately, he didn’t take mine or anyone else’s advice, and the last time I ever saw him was when he pulled out to go see that first show.  Apparently, he hooked up with the band in Virginia and never came back.

Stories like that are exactly why there is a time of proving for most everybody in every walk of life.  Talent doesn’t mean squat if you don’t know how to follow through and endure the tough times.  Well, last week at Sovereign King, we discussed how God’s giving the church Godly leadership was a gift.  This week, we are going to see how those gifts are proven.  We are going to see God’s internship played out if you will.  Towards that end, we are going to ask this Big Picture Question:

Big Picture Question:  How are future leaders of the church proven to be qualified and ready to lead God’s people?

If you would like to join us for worship, we meet at 10:30am each Sunday.  You can find directions to our space at http://bit.ly/1byggC.

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