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To Trick or Treat?

halloween-killjoyAs Reggie Joiner comments in his book “Think Orange”, when all the church has is criticism against the 4-H Club (Hollywood, Halloween, Harry Potter, and Homosexuality), then the church may have lost its mission.  Having opinions and convictions on those 4 topics is important and even necessary, but being against a bunch of stuff is not the most effective way to advance the kingdom.  Our appeal first and foremost is Christ – not what we are against.  Even when it is necessary to be against things, the church must still find a way to be for relationships.

As I’m sure you are aware, Halloween is tonight, and I know that Christians have varying degrees of conviction about the day.  Some think it is an entrance to Satanism and the occult while others consider it national candy and dress up day.  I have no intention of binding anyone’s conscience towards either viewpoint.

My encouragement, no matter your conviction, is this.  Please make Halloween an opportunity to get to know your neighbors.  Rarely do communities make such efforts to interact with each other.  Getting to know your neighbors is in no way evil even if you feel strongly that the day is.

If you don’t give out candy, please don’t shutter your house like it is an abandoned home.  Find some way to interact with the folks who come to your door or are walking on your street.

If you do give out candy, give out the best in the neighborhood so that everyone wants to come to your house again next year.

Either way, have fun and be purposeful.


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  1. Gordon, great little blog entry today. Reminds me of last weekend when we were visiting Kim’s parents. I went to her parent’s church service and the one thing I remember the preacher saying was and I paraphrase “Christians do a great job of explaining what they’re against, but they don’t do a very good job of explaining what they’re for”. I almost shouted “Amen” but I think that would have been a breach of decorum in that church! I might have woken a few people up if I had said that. Looking back now, I regret not doing it!

    Comment by Daniel Wilkins | October 21, 2009 | Reply

  2. I love that, instead of condemning the holiday and encouraging negative thought, you once again provide a positive solution that improves our lives. Rock on, Gordon!

    Comment by Jess C. | October 21, 2009 | Reply

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