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The Dawn of Garner’s Night Life

acousticOne of the things that Garner has severely lacked has been a night life.  We have nice restaurants and a few destination spots, but the night life attraction seems to have avoided us until now.  Last night, I witnessed its dawn at Swift Creek Coffee House.

The event was an acoustic concert by Nick Ferrell, Jonathan Randall, Matthew Plourde, with Laura Tabor.  They played a great mix of familiar tunes, classics, spirituals, and even a mash up or two (you definitely want to hear their Police/Jonas Brothers tune).  Their performance is strong, and they are all talented musicians.  Nick plays regularly at Swift Creek and at Sovereign King Church.  Jonathan plays at Journey Church.  Matthew is prodigy, and Laura has a degree in music.  What also helped was pleasant weather and open doors.  Folks came in and out, laughed, gave hugs, introduced and re-introduced themselves over great coffee.  Swift Creek really has a fantastic atmosphere.

The hope is that events like this continue, and the folks in Garner and surrounding areas will make Swift Creek a destination on the weekends.  It is perhaps the best place in Garner to meet or meet up with folks.

I know that photos and video were taken of last night’s show, so I’ll post them as soon as possible, but here’s to a great evening and the launch of Garner’s night life.

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