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Advance the Church – Jeff Vanderstelt Part One


Notes from Jeff Vanderstelt

Advance the Church – Fall 09

Vintage 21 Church

  • What’s the Mission of the Church?
    • Glorify God in all places by making disciples who make disciples so that everyone is dependant on Jesus for all things.
  • Number problem of the church is that they don’t know to make disciples.
    • If you cannot make disciples, what are you doing?
    • It is not planting services.  We often plant services but that does not equal a church.
    • But you could have a service and not have a church (listening to you talk about Jesus but not believing what you are saying).
    • Being a church is not providing programs or putting on events (possible to do that and not be a church though).
    • Ask yourself, if you weren’t at your church tomorrow, how many people in your church could go out into your community and preach the Gospel and make disciples?
  • Making a disciple means completely saturating a person in Jesus and the Gospel teaching them to obey everything that Jesus commanded.
  • As the Father sent Jesus, so we are to send out disciples.
  • Jesus brought glory by doing what the Father told Him to do and we should do the same.
  • It is possible to be creedal but have no way in which to live out our belief.  Others have lots of activity but have no grounding in the Gospel doing it in our own power.
    • Both lack witness to Jesus.
    • You must have both.
  • We have been saved by God’s power for God’s purpose.
    • Not saved by God’s power for our purposes.
    • That is not why God saved you.   He saved you for His purposes and by His power.
    • Purpose without power is about our power.
    • Power without purpose is about our purposes.
  • How do we build churches?  (if it is not a mess then you aren’t doing it).
    • Should Put energy into developing leaders not pulling off a service.
    • Many times we suffer from methodolatry – worshiping the method instead of God  – is always a danger
  • Major movements of the church
    • At some point, very serious about the Gospel
    • Become counter-cultural and an anomaly – God blesses them because they exalt church.
    • Become culturally engaged but this is where the church locks in a code.  They say, this is what we did, so just keep doing that and it will work.  Trust the method and not Jesus and the Gospel
    • Problem is, the culture changes.  So two things often happen.
      • Become separatist and keep doing the same thing they’ve done.
      • Become like the culture and get rid of the offensiveness of the Gospel.  You render yourself useless because the culture already has what you are offering.
  • As you develop leaders, are you saturating them with the Gospel that they can apply it anywhere without losing the essence of the Gospel?
  • Leaders/disciples have to be developed in the every day (not a classroom).
    • Really easy to gather for an hour and say you worshiped, but harder to say you are giving your entire life over to the worship of Jesus.
    • In order to do this, you are going to have to get your congregation to believe they are the church and not that they attend church.
    • The call of God on the believer is to go be the church where they live.
    • People do not get this.
      • Anybody who criticizes the church (I don’t like this about the church or this church) thinks that they go to church and are not part of the church.
      • Owning it would be saying, “One think I don’t like about us…”
    • The response should be, “What are we going to do about that?”
  • In our inactivity, Jesus is still active in saving us.
  • If we cannot do the normal stuff of the everyday different than the world, we do not know the Gospel.
    • How we eat, work, and rest?
    • The church should be the most rested people in the world.
    • The church follows the pace of their pastors.
    • Mondays are depressing for Pastors b/c Sunday is the day of justification for pastors.
  • Training in the everyday
    • You will have to train your folks along the way.
    • If the leaders in your church moved from somewhere else, ask yourself if you are making disciples.
    • Every member should be a full-time paid worker for the Gospel – sometimes it is routed through Starbucks, Time Warner Cable, the school system, but everyone is a fulltime worker in the Gospel.
    • Most leadership development should be informal in life.
    • You will not make disciples if you are not on the mission field with them.
    • Don’t assume your people are equipped until you see them do ministry.
    • How can you disciple if you don’t have something in front of you that needs the Gospel?
    • The Gospel for so many is squeezed into their life instead of all of their life about the Gospel.

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