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Worshiping With Your Hands Full

hands_fullI know some of you get around to reading emails and blogs on Sunday morning while some of you eschew them for the day.  Either way, if you are preparing to walk out the door or reading this at some later time, let me encourage you with the following words.  Let them be either prep for your worship today or an encouragement to return to community worship on some other.  They are taking from Jonathan Dodson and his work on Fight Clubs:

The Gospel demands faith and fruit, but supplies what it demands through the promises of God made good by the power of the Spirit.  The Father, Son and Spirit are collaborating for joy-filled, gospel-centered discipleship.  Oh, that we would adorn the Gospel of Christ with our obedience and with our motivations.  God is calling us to confess our failures and hope in the grace of repentance and faith.  With commands in one hand and promises in the other, we need just one more thing – the Church.  Disciples of Jesus are part of a community that fights the fight of faith.  What we need are small fighting communities that are committed to gospel-centered discipleship.

Approach worship with God’s commands in one hand and His promises in the other.  Arrive in this wonderful gift of God’s community, the Church, with great expectation that God is going to equip you to that which He has called.  If you are a part of Sovereign King Church, take advantage of Fight Clubs, Project Runways, and CE Groups to build you up for the fight.  If you are at another church, take advantage of the opportunities for smaller community efforts like small groups so that you might be encouraged to live out a gospel-centered discipleship.

Thanking God for all His gifts; worship Him today.

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