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Functional Addicts

funny-dog-pictures-peanut-addictionIn the book “Painting in the Dark” by Paul Thorson, he says, “In the face of my failures, I run to my favorite addictions, looking for a place to hide.”

Wow.  I have seen this truth demonstrated in practically every arena of life.

  • The pastor under pressure looking at porn.
  • The at home mom drinking too much during the day in light of the stresses of raising her children.
  • The teenager whose Dad preached Jesus but no grace choosing drugs in light of constant failure.
  • Affairs arising out of marital struggles.

There are literally millions of examples of this.  Indulging a sin habit to ease or salve the pain of failure is the default mode for our sinful natures.  It is so hard to remember Jesus’ assurance that His yoke is light and that He desires to comfort the weary laden.  It is also so hard to remember the character of God in our failures.  Despite hearing of the love of Christ and even accepting grace by faith, in our failures, we assume that God forgives us only because He has to and that He really would rather just squash us like a bug.  Our hearts pull away so often to think that God’s scowl is what awaits our approach to the mercy seat.

It is no coincidence that just prior to Peter’s denial, Jesus prayed for Him.  Jesus prayed for His disciples and even for us who believe so many years later.  Even knowing Peter’s sin (and our sin as well), Jesus prays in His high priestly prayer, “Father, love them as you have loved me.”  In our sin and failure, knowing that the affection the Father has for Jesus is the affection that awaits us, we can turn to Christ instead of turning to our sin.


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