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I’m Dreaming in the Morning I’m Dreaming All Through the Night

dreamingI rarely remember my dreams.  My sleep is so deep most nights that I don’t recall the lights going out.  This past week was a bit different though.

For 3 nights in a row, I had those strange, awkward dreams that are common to all of us.  Those are the social dreams where you find yourself in a situation either unprepared, underdressed, or surprised.  3 nights in a row I had these dreams.   They got to the point where it was interrupting my sleep, and I was waking up pretty tired.  On the 3rd day, I mentioned this to a few friends at a pastors’ get together.  They were gracious to ask me about what was going on, they asked me about things I was worried about, and then they prayed for me.  After a time of reflection, I figured out that my worry came from my concern over some decisions to be made, a difficult passage to preach on, and the ongoing burden of a few prayer requests.

I slept like my usual self the next two nights.

The Saturday night before preaching, however, is always an active night of sleep.  I always read through my sermon notes right before I got to bed.  So, whatever I’m preaching usually percolates while I sleep.

Well, this past Sunday, I was preaching on the promise of the Holy Spirit’s intercession on behalf of all believers as well as God’s making all things work for the good for those He is called.  There is a lot of heavy lifting in this passage.  The emphases are that God’s children are weak and need help, but the Spirit of God works on their behalf.  God knows the mind of the Spirit, and therefore, God works His perfect will for His children through the Spirit.  In light of that truth, those who love God can trust that all things work together for the good.

As I slept Saturday night, these thoughts and themes would not go away.  However, a larger thought kept coming to mind.  Weakness, the Spirit of help, and God’s sovereignty all continued to point me to…God’s glory.  I woke eager to run through my sermon one more time.  As I read through it, I looked for where I could preach God’s glory.  As our service began, I proclaimed our desire to praise God’s glory.  Our songs were calls to God’s glory.  And as I preached, I reminded our folks, that the purpose to which we are called, the thing that makes our difficult circumstances good is not their end, our ease, or some lesson learned.  Those things are great, but what makes the difficult good is God’s glory.


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