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Project Runway: See Jesus

Project-Runway-PlacardAs Summer comes to an end, the ladies of Sovereign King Church are launching “Project Runway:  Pursuing Authentic Design.” They will have their next gathering Wednesday, October 14th at 7:00pm.

Project Runway intends to create an atmosphere where women feel at home no matter their background, education, marital status, or place in life.  In order to do that, the ladies will gather in each other’s homes twice a month for conversation, food, and a brief study.  The goal is to create a community that will be centered on the Gospel.  What does that mean?  Well a Gospel oriented community leads with grace knowing that grace leads to transformation.  Community, grace, and transformation are elements of God’s authentic design that the ladies will be pursuing throughout their gatherings.

Jesus_Wallpaper_Compassion_800Specifically, the ladies will interact with the “See Jesus” study which has been proven effective in stripping away so many of the distractions that often creep up when studying the person of Jesus.  The idea is to present a study that requires no prior Biblical knowledge or preparation where people can interact with the Jesus of the text.  In this visual and textual interaction, the ladies will see Jesus crash a funeral, ruin a dinner party, and love a woman with a bad reputation.  Seeing and understanding who Jesus is as presented in these character studies will intended to draw the ladies together so that they may grow in intimacy with Jesus Christ and each other.

If you would like more information about Project Runway, please contact Amy Duncan at amyhduncan@yahoo.com.  You can also find more info and directions to the study at SK Women’s Home Page.


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