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Raleigh Examiner: Worship in Service

evangelism_candle2My second article is up at the Raleigh Examiner.  Enjoy…

Worship in service to God is about being stretched more than it is about walking in your strengths.

For example, if you are a guitar player, singer, teacher, or pastor who loves Jesus, then applying those skills in the context of a worship service or a church function is an out flowing of your passion for the savior.  I rarely meet a pastor who isn’t ready to speak or a singer who isn’t dying to pick up a mic.  These displaying of gifts and strengths to God are pleasing to Him and serve the Body of Christ well.

But within that service, there is a hidden temptation.  Since speaking, playing, singing, etc are the skill sets of the servant, playing only to one’s strengths becomes the default.  This can happen to such an extent that the servant is no longer making a sacrifice or growing as a worshiper.  They are just doing what they are good at.

To grow in worship and service, every person, whether worshiping on the stage or worshiping in their seat, must be stretched.  New acts and steps of faith are needed to keep passion and reliance on God healthy and growing.  More than likely that means doing something that is neither a strength nor a talent.  Then, once you are no longer playing to your strengths, but relying on God, you grow in faith, worship, and service.

For example,

You can read the remainder of the article at http://bit.ly/BYrn9

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